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I had to get this outta my system after seeing that FREAKING GORGEOUS CINEMATIC

((Leona certainly doesn’t look bad with blue eyes, but I’m really not used to it at all.

I don’t mind shipping this, but I’m not in super full support of it haha. (get it? support?) Regardless, Ahris are more than welcome to bug me because there are less than willing Leonas, and you should respect them. Yes.))


Been a long time since I hoped on Frontier. But got my lovely new “パートニャー” (Partnya “partners”… get it? Puns, like Palicos.. cause pal + calico cat is palico…. )  

anyways, I gave it my favorite armor, the kut-ku armor (also something i’ll be making as a cosplay) 

Kino’s Partnya : 
Name: おにぎり (Onigiri or in english, Rice Ball)
Type: Melynx , color blue
Looks: like a ninja

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